The Airman50 Story


Tony Naff was raised in a rural Midwest community.  Hard work, common sense and a stubborn grit are values he has utilized in his work and personal life.  Early work experiences in agriculture and construction were followed by pushing wire and seeding bushings on factory production lines out of high school.  He enlisted in the United States Air Force on April 1st, 1966 as the Vietnam Era heated up.  He had the opportunity to see the world via duty stations in Colorado, Germany, Turkey and Arizona.


While he was involved with mundane munitions management activities in the USAF, there were many opportunities to develop leadership skills and gain confidence as he learned new and challenging responsibility.  Following his time of service, he settled in Arizona where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and took his first finance position at Tucson Electric Power.


In the 1980’s, marriage, family building and a 13-year career detour, counselling college-age young people at Western Washington University and the University of California, Irvine provided more opportunities for growth and development as a leader.  Later, during the 1990’s, he returned to his business career being employed by Phillips Ultrasound and thereafter, STM Networks, Inc. (previously STM Wireless, Inc.) – working primarily in manufacturing, cost accounting.  Ultimately, he became the Chief Financial Officer of the private multi-national manufacturing organization known as STM Group.  In addition to accounting, Tony had a wide range of duties including managing the facilities and the IT environment.  In late 2013 the assets of this business were sold and he found himself on the outside of the transaction following a period of transition.


The idea for Airman50 was conceived in early 2016, with the incorporation taking place on the 50th anniversary of Tony’s enlistment in the USAF.  Combining his business acumen with his son and daughter-in-law’s experience in IT system sales and service, Airman50 seeks to provide state of the art technology and productivity solutions for government and private sector business operations.